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On 4/1/20 6:36 AM, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> Samuel:
> I already proved that using go-module.eclass EGO_SUM it will NOT use Git
> repositories, and all of the fetching will happen long before
> src_unpack. Why do you persist with your statement to the contrary?

Sorry my misunderstanding, but I didn't get it right with what you
mentioned to me before:

> Have you looked at the EGO_SUM in go-module? This already covers ANY go
> package that uses go.mod + go.sum, in a fully reproducible way that does
> not break network sandbox.
I looked into the eclass documentation and I only found EGO_VENDOR[1].
This seems so expensive since I need to parse all go.mod or go.sum files
that I concluded would be better to use a tar.gz with all dependencies
(remember that my use case is with my personal overlay).

Looking deeply into the source code I could find more details about
EGO_SUM that only needs to set the urls to go.mod or/and go.sum files
present in the repository. This is useful, but only to official gentoo
developers, since if I want to use my own mirror type, for instance
mirror://gooverlay, I wouldn't have that option[3]:

> |
> # I am considering removing this and just hard coding mirror://goproxy
> # below, so please do not rely on it.
> : "${_GOMODULE_GOPROXY_BASEURI:=mirror://goproxy/}"|
So, go-module.eclass provides a good base to follow SRP pattern (single
responsibility principle). Looking into that effort I would copy
go-module.eclass to my overlay eclass directory and adapt it to use my
mirror type.

I would like to use directly Gentoo maintained go-module.eclass, but for
that I would like to have access to set my own mirror type.

I also ask you to update documentation since there is some details to
use EGO_SUM, such as you stated in comment[4].




[2] https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/tree/eclass/go-module.eclass



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