On 4/6/20 9:23 AM, Pacho Ramos wrote:
> El jue, 02-04-2020 a las 16:28 +0200, Pacho Ramos escribió:
>> Hello,
>> I was reviewing about how to enable globally on my system the usage of
>> libappindicator and I realized that we have multiple names for that in the
>> tree.
>> "ayatana" is the only global one, while other packages are using "indicator",
>> "libindicate", "appindicator"...
>> Personally I would merge all them in only one, and I wonder if maybe
>> "indicator"
>> or "appindicator" would be more meaningful for most users than "ayatana", 
>> what
>> do you think?
>> Thanks
> Personally I would opt for global "appindicator" as it seems to be more widely
> used and I think it is a bit more self-explanatory :/



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