On Sun 26 Apr 2020 10:08:32 GMT, Michał Górny wrote:
> The other major problem is spam protection.  The best semi-anonymous way
> I see is to use submitter's IPv4 addresses (can we support IPv6 then?). 
> We could set a limit of, say, 10 submissions per IPv4 address per week. 
> If some address would exceed that limit, we could require CAPTCHA
> authorization.
> I think this would make spamming a bit harder while keeping submissions
> easy for the most, and a little harder but possible for those of us
> behind ISP NATs.

I think that the IPv6 support shouldn’t be a question. I have several
points for it:

1. All the Gentoo infrastructure is IPv6-able (at least the public
   faced as I’m aware), so it could create a specific case
2. As you mention NAT ISPs, most of those are providing IPv6 as well
   (because NAT isn’t cost-less). Also putting the IPv4 rate-limit to a
   /64 IPv6 will reduce the need for a CAPTCHA.
3. Users don’t necessary have an IPv4 access
4. About a third of the Internet traffic is IPv6, so it’s not an
   option in my humble opinion.


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