Hi, all.

I'm creating a ebuild and need to create user/group during it installation.
As i create a package/ebuild for our company internal use, it useless to
request uid/gid to be saved in uid-gid.txt. Also, i don't need a constant
uid/gid, just want a user/group creation. This package will be installed on
various machines and i don't want to track unused uid/gid from uid-gid.txt
and also each of these machines. Any available is sufficient.

If i understand correctly, acct-user/acct-group doesn't allow me do this.
And i must choose a constant uid/gid and pray that
they willn't match existent ones on any machine, amn't it?

If so, can i use 'enewuser ${PN} -1 -1 "${UHOME}" ${PN} > /dev/null' as usual?

Олег Неманов (Oleg Nemanov)

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