Kent Fredric wrote:
> > While services such as reCAPTCHA are (as said) massively intrusive, there
> > are other, much less intrusive and even terminal-compatible ways to 
> > construct
> > a CAPTCHA. Hello game developers, you have 80x23 "pixels" to render a puzzle
> > for a human above the response input line - that's not so bad.
> Well, they kinda have to be,

I disagree with that, especially for this service, that was the point I
wanted to make. :)

> the state of AI is increasing so much that current captcha systems
> undoubtedly also develop their own adversarial AI to try beat their
> own captcha.
> I don't think we have the sort of power to develop this.

In any case I don't think that's required.

> And the inherently low entropy of only having 80x23 with so few
> (compared to full RGB) bits per pixel,

A character doesn't compare too bad to RGB. See aalib, or if you
will risk exclusion of color-vision-impaired humans libcaca.

> this gives any would-be AI a substantial leg up.
> Using text distortion is amateur hour these days.
> (and there's always mechanical-turk anyway)

Except this isn't for some web-scale disruptive startup, it's a
statistics/reputation system for an advanced, super-nerdy Linux distribution.

Please think more about the threat model, and remember the rate limit knob.

The bar only needs to be raised high enough.


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