Let's split this from [1] as I suppose having it in middle of high-noise 
'up for grabs' might prevent some interested people from seeing it.

The general purpose of codec project [2] is to maintain core libraries
for various multimedia format encoder/decoder libraries.  It's like
gfx+sound+video except only for core packages and not every possible
single viewer, player, editor, frontend...  I believe that this specific
focus make more sense than the wider projects, i.e. it is more likely
than N people will actually co-maintain libraries used by many tools vs
N people co-maintain 20 alternative sound players (when they are
unlikely to use more than one at a time).

The main questions are:

1. Should the project be focused on reference/most common
implementations, or maybe more of them?  Say, giflib vs libnsgif.
I think the latter library is specific to a few programs right now but
if it gets more popular, it would fit.

2. How many kinds of media should the project accept?  Audio, graphics,
video seem pretty obvious.  Containers too.  libass makes sense as it is
specifically for video subtitles.  Anything else?

3. What about libraries implementing media-specific streaming protocols?
E.g. libshout, live...  I suppose the ones specific to voip would fall
into voip project's domain instead.

[2] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Codec_project

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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