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Title: xorg-server dropping default suid
Author: Piotr Karbowski <slashbe...@gentoo.org>
Posted: 2020-06-22
Revision: 1
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The Gentoo X11 Team is announcing that starting with 15th of July,
the x11-base/xorg-server will no longer default to suid and will default
to using logind interface instead. This change makes xorg-server run as
regular user rather than root by default, however, those who do not have
any logind interface provider (either systemd or elogind) will need to
enable either to make it possible to run X session as unprivileged user.

No action is required from systemd and desktop profile users, since
systemd provides logind interface, and desktop profile already enables
'elogind' USE flag globally.

Rest of the non-systemd users is required to globally enable 'elogind'
USE flag and apply it by 'emerge --newuse @world', after which, re-login
is required so that PAM can allocate seat.

One can confirm that a seat has been assigned upon login by running:

    $ loginctl user-status

Those who for whatever reason want to preserve current state, while
heavily discourage, can still use x11-base/xorg-server with 'suid -elogind'.

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