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> >
> > The lack of curiosity for one's own packages' python compatibility is
> not just
> > a py27 isolated issue, it was a big problem with py36 -> py37 with so
> many
> > devs simply not filing that necessary stabilisation.
> That suggests that if you keep doing what you're doing, you're going
> to keep hitting your head against the wall.
> Right now in Gentoo there isn't really even a straightforward way for
> a maintainer to cleanly obtain a list of all the packages they
> maintain, let alone whether they use python v2.

> Sure, you can use the portage API to find this info.  However, that is
> as easy to do for a list of all impacted packages in the tree with
> their maintainers as for any individual maintainer to obtain this info
> for their own packages.

You say there is not a straightforward way, but then you say there is an
api? :p

> I think that if you give the maintainers a bit more info, you'll find
> them being more proactive about helping you out.  Basically you would
> be helping them help you.
> Otherwise you're going to mask a bunch of packages and run into a
> bunch of upset devs, and as a byproduct we create a bunch of upset
> users.

Extend the existing QA report?


There is a list of py2 only packages. We just need to add the maintainer

> There is no reason to mask a package only to unmask it a few days
> later.  Masks are a mechanism for deprecating packages so that users
> take action.  They're not a substitute for devs talking to each other.

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