On 2020-06-30 12:22, Matthew Thode wrote:
> I'd like to suggest allowing only approved variables in the build
> environment, having portage unset all variables and setting only what is
> needed (or configured).

I think this is orthogonal to the problem I'm trying to solve. Even if
all environment variables had to be whitelisted, ebuilds would still
need to know how to use them when they happen to be defined.

I basically just want to write down things like "If set, CC is assumed
to contain the name of a compiler driver such as /usr/bin/gcc." That way
ebuilds can be written to pass $CC to the build system in places that
are expecting a compiler driver. Conversely, if LD is documented to
contain a dynamic linker such as /bin/ld, then ebuilds must mangle LD
whenever the upstream build system (e.g. pari, perl) interprets it

These meanings are already enshrined in the tc-getFOO() functions and
the various de-facto standards, but there's no user or developer
documentation promising that the variables will be used in any
particular way.

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