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# Remove bindings, port to Py3, etc
# Removal in 30 days

I know this is at the 11th hour, but having been a long time user of
getmail, I would be sad to see this package removed from
gentoo. Reading and enquiring on the getmail user support list, I
learn that the author of getmail is reluctant to make Python 3 support
for this package a priority and won't commit to any immediate efforts
on his part to make this happen.

An effort has been made to port this program to Python 3 by some of
its users, see https://github.com/getmail6/getmail6 . The name
getmail6 has been chosen over the existing name of getmail as to not
hijack the project from its current primary developer and also to
avoid conflicts.

I'd like to volunteer myself as proxy maintainer for this package. As
this would be the first package in gentoo I'd be working on, I ask for
advice on the following two points:

- Can the removal of this package from gentoo be pushed backwards with
a month or so to allow me to work on packaging this new version as
well as do some rudimentary testing to ensure it works properly with
Gentoo? (some success has been reported:
https://github.com/getmail6/getmail6/issues/7#issuecomment-661127141 )

- As upstream for this program would be changed, should the name
getmail in gentoo be kept or would it better to use getmail6, and if
so, what would be the best way to go about this?

Thank you kindly in advance!

Kind regards,


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