Remco Rijnders wrote:
> I'd like to volunteer myself as proxy maintainer for this package. As
> this would be the first package in gentoo I'd be working on, I ask for
> advice on the following two points:

Note that I'm no developer but have been proxy-maint for some time.

> - Can the removal of this package from gentoo be pushed backwards with
> a month or so to allow me to work on packaging this new version as well
> as do some rudimentary testing to ensure it works properly with Gentoo?

I have no idea about this one.

> - As upstream for this program would be changed, should the name
> getmail in gentoo be kept or would it better to use getmail6, and if
> so, what would be the best way to go about this?

Since you want to avoid clobbering the existing name outside of Gentoo
I think you should strive for the same also within Gentoo. That said,
if the two are interchangeable then a virtual/getmail ebuild would
probably be reasonable.


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