On 8/2/20 3:56 AM, Mart Raudsepp wrote:
> Ühel kenal päeval, L, 01.08.2020 kell 14:32, kirjutas Adam Feldman:
>> +       gnome2_src_configure ${mateconf[@]} "$@"
> This might be something we may want to consider adding to gnome2.eclass
> instead?
> But I guess that's something to consider for any EAPI-7 port instead,
> should one eventually happen (instead of everything moving to meson
> instead).
> So no objections adding it to mate.eclass for the time being.
> gnome2.eclass would need too much checking that it's fine to bother at
> this point without the EAPI bump. But remind about it, should a EAPI-7
> gnome2 ever go up for review here :)
> Mart

Would you like a patch for gnome2.eclass now with a:
if has ${EAPI:-0} 7; then

block so you'll be set to go upon updating the eclass to EAPI 7?


Adam Feldman
Gentoo Developer

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