On 2020-08-06 21:50, Jaco Kroon wrote:
> Can you detect in the runscript that this will trigger and issue a cold
> reboot instead if this would trigger?
> Having never used kexec before ... I may well be missing the point.  But
> I'd rather have the system issue a cold reboot if kexec (which sounds
> really cool in principle) stands any chance of failing.

It's software. Of course you can do everything you can do in POSIX shell
script :)

But I doubt that something like this is practicable -- we also should
avoid overengineering.

Like I was thinking by myself if we should teach kexec runscript to
return persistent name instead (utilizing lsblk for example) but this
will raises question like what to do if tools aren't available and maybe
user's start environment can't even handle root=UUID=... value :/

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