On 11/08/2020 15.38, Joonas Niilola wrote:
> On 8/11/20 11:36 AM, Jaco Kroon wrote:
>> And I've already provided you one use case where udev doesn't work well
>> but eudev does.  I've also mentioned some historic issues I believe
>> should already be fixed but which did bit me in systemd-udev which was
>> never a problem in eudev.
> Your systems seem to diverge a lot from what I'd consider as 'default'.
> You must already make many changes to them.
> Before this thread I didn't even know/remember I was using eudev. It
> works and there doesn't seem to be any global issues related to it.
> However after reading this thread I'm a bit considered about the
> maintenance state of it.
> Switched to udev. Simple as 'emerge -1 sys-fs/udev'. It works, didn't
> notice any difference.
> If musl is a problem, to my knowledge musl has its own stage images, so
> why can't those stages use eudev while other ones defaulting to udev?

For the sake of science, I've also moved one of my systems to
sys-fs/udev and noticed a single incompatibility. There are few ways how
to disable the systemd/udev predictable NIC names, one of them is to
boot with net.ifnames=0, another is to mask rule file that trigger the
rename, as described on wiki[1]

Long story short, on eudev it's 80-net-name-slot.rules, on udev it's

The result was that my system booted without working network, as connman
started to poke around Ethernet interfaces (this is ok, I had
blacklisted eth*, not enp*), which then resulted in switching routing to
Ethernet that failed to get IP from DHCP, even that WiFi had a fully
working Internet access, so more like connman bug. (And yes, I am aware
that net.ifnames=0 will work on both)

This however shows two things: eudev is (no longer) drop-in replacement,
as some interfaces changed in upstream udev, which leads to second
thing, we need to have migration path, because even if(!) Gentoo change
default (I am not a fan of this idea really), then it might lead to
people doing fresh installation or reinstallation, migrating their
configs resulting in not working systems/working in other way that
previous one.

[1] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Udev#Keep_classic_.27eth0.27_naming

-- Piotr.

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