* William Hubbs schrieb am 14.09.20 um 00:39 Uhr:
> All,
> I would like to get some thoughts on kubernetes packaging.
> When I started maintaining it in Gentoo, it was packaged as 7 ebuilds
> (one per executable), and only one of them was marked stable.
> Since we normally do not split up monorepos into separate packages, I
> started moving everything over to one kubernetes ebuild.
> Now a bug has
> been opened which has a good case for kubeadm being a package on its
> own, so I have done that [1].
> I need to know the best way to proceed, so I'll throw out a couple
> of questions:
> 1) should I bring back the split packages and lastrites
> sys-cluster/kubernetes?
> 2) should I just bring back other split packages that need to be split
> as I find them?
> What do folks think would be the best way for us to package Kubernetes?


So it seems like at least kubeadm and kube-apiserver need to be in 
seperate packages.

I am not a kubernetes guy, but would SLOTting be an option? Like 
postgresql for example where you need both versions, old a new to do 
database migration.

If this is not an option I would say this is a case for split package 
and perhaps a meta-package bringing all of them together.


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