The following package is up for grabs because I no longer use it. It is up to date and has 1 small open bug (866099). Maintenance is very easy, because it is an electron application version bumping is almost always a simple copy-paste. Regardless, it should have a proper maintainer who actually uses it because the release frequency is relatively high.


* net-im/rocketchat-desktop-bin
Available versions: (~)3.8.9^md {L10N="+am +ar +bg +bn +ca +cs +da +de +el +en-GB +en-US +es +es-419 +et+fa +fi +fil +fr +gu +he +hi +hr +hu +id +it +ja +kn +ko +lt +lv +ml +mr +ms +nb +nl +pl +pt-BR +pt-PT +ro +ru +sk +sl +sr +sv +sw +ta +te +th +tr +uk +vi +zh-CN +zh-TW"}
Description:         The Ultimate Open Source Web Chat Platform

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