Eli Schwartz:
> +Systems which have /usr and / on separate filesystems have always required a
> +dedicated initramfs to bring up both partitions. Systems where both /usr and 
> /
> +are on the same filesystem may use an initramfs if they wish, or choose not
> +to.

Well, that is not technically correct, just have the required kernel 
drivers (eg. AHCI and ext2/4) compiled in and use the same busybox
commands as in the initrd, but placed in /, to bring up the system
to the point that /usr is mounted.

I have a static dev, compiled in drivers, busybox init and mount, and
separate / and /usr on a box here, works perfectly well.
 Soo, add a clause about what gentoo supports out of the box and that
you can make it work if you wish.
 If there is a general wish I can write an article about how to make
it work.

/Karl Hammar

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