>>>>> On Sun, 07 Jan 2024, Michał Górny wrote:

> Here's another idea, a new dev-doc category (though I suppose we could
> try to find a better name), dedicated to:

>   Tools to generate, convert, view and process documentation.

> This is notably meant to move software out of app-doc/ which is
> specifically dedicated to "documentation collections".  Candidates:

> app-doc/NaturalDocs
> app-doc/doxygen
> app-doc/halibut
> app-doc/psmark
> app-doc/xmltoman
> app-doc/zeal
> app-text/mandoc
> app-text/texi2html
> app-text/xchm
> app-text/xml2rfc
> app-text/xmlto

I cannot really see a delineation between app-text and app-doc.

For example, packages like psmark, xmlto, or even texi2html are general
format manipulation/conversion tools and IMHO app-text is the right
category for them. Also, why would you keep pandoc and manpager in
app-text but move xmlto and mandoc out of it?

> dev-util/gi-docgen
> dev-util/gtk-doc
> dev-util/source-highlight
> sys-apps/man-db
> sys-apps/texinfo

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