>>>>> On Sun, 07 Jan 2024, Michał Górny wrote:

> On Sun, 2024-01-07 at 17:58 +0100, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
>> I cannot really see a delineation between app-text and [dev]-doc.
>> For example, packages like psmark, xmlto, or even texi2html are general
>> format manipulation/conversion tools and IMHO app-text is the right
>> category for them. Also, why would you keep pandoc and manpager in
>> app-text but move xmlto and mandoc out of it?

> It's a bit blurry.  My original idea was to keep app-text/ for general-
> purpose text tools (like text editors), while make dev-doc/ focused on
> formats specific to documentation (like code documentation, manpages).

We already have app-editors for text editors. For the rest, it seems
very blurry indeed and would leave us with (IMHO too many) borderline

You certainly have a point that document processing tools are misplaced
in app-doc. Maybe just move them to app-text, which would be a more
minimal change?


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