On 18/06/2024 16.02, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
On Tue, 18 Jun 2024, Florian Schmaus wrote:
Finally, unlike readme.gentoo-r1.elcass, this eclass does not need
to store the content of the readme in an environment variable. Not
having to store the content in an environment variable reduces the
pollution of the environment (sadly, this only refers to the process

I'll be honest, I never felt this is really needed? From looking at
the current -r1 eclass, you could define DOC_CONTENTS just before
invoking readme.gentoo_create_doc, so you could for example modify as
you want the message and use `local DOC_CONTENTS="..."`.

readme.gentoo-r1.eclass requires DOC_CONTENTS to be part of the
package's environment to show it later in readme.gentoo_print_elog(),
which is typically invoked in pkg_postinst(). If DOC_CONTENTS is local
to readme.gentoo_create_doc(), then it wont be able in pkg_postinst()
and can potentially not be obtained from the README.gentoo file
because that file may be compressed.

For greadme.eclass, the file is no longer compressed, therefore
greadme.eclass does not need to carry a variable in the package's

These are two different variables that must not be confused

Thanks for pointing this out. I think I understand now what arthur is asking for:

src_install() {
    local DOC_CONTENTS="My README.Gentoo contents"

@arthur: is that right?

If so, then we could always add such an API to greadme.eclass too. However, it appears that it simply would duplicate what can already be done via greadme_stdin. Is there a compelling reason for such an API that I am missing?

In any case, I wouldn't be opposed to implement something like this if somebody asks for it.

BTW, I like readme.gentoo-r1's autoformatting, because the message may
contain variables (like paths containing EPREFIX) that can expand to
different lengths.

Happy to add it.

Any preference regarding the auto-formatting tool? The readme.gentoo-r1.eclass uses fold, but fmt (both are in coreutils) would probably also be an option (and has a --uniform-spacing option ;)).

- Flow

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