On Thursday 16 March 2006 00:24, Brian wrote:
> I just want to say that all the speedup work everyone has been doing is
> really noticeable.
> Porthole now can reload the entire database 10763 packages (includes
> some in PORTDIR_OVERLAY) in about 3 seconds on my system.
> Athlon-xp 2000 based.
> the cache update after a sync no longer takes as long as compiling the
> mozilla suite .)  good work! :)
> currently @ portage-2.1_pre6

Most of that work can be attributed to Brian Harring. For a real kicker
though, throw "portdbapi.auxdbmodule = cache.metadata_overlay.database"
into /etc/portage/modules and FEATURES="-metadata-transfer" into make.conf.
Then rm -rf /var/cache/edb/dep. This one goes to Zac Medico, the current
release coordinator, and builds on Brian's work to cut out cache updating
altogether. New in pre6 (pre5?) and in need of testing - especially when
local modifications are made - but very promising.

Jason Stubbs
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