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> 2006/3/20, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
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> > I do think you're overcomplicating things where you shouldn't.
> >
> > Declaring stuff manually will always break, and to ensure a safe
> > system, it's better to use compiler information.
> In all cases, dependancy should be based on interfaces, not code.
> All packages may:
> * Provide an interface
> * Use an interface
> Depending on useflags, OS and other compile options, it differs, which
> interfaces are provided and used.
> This is, abstractly, what portage does with interfaces.
> If portage uses some interface, it may need it's header files when
> building. It may also need another lib for static build. This means
> that binary check is not possible in all cases.
> Now, the problem is:
> * How to get an information about a package, which specifies exactly,
> which interface is needed. How to get it before building in case when
> this interface is needed to be emerged before compilation [before
> linking everything together, at least]. Which is a form of this
> information and what could be read out from that?
> * How to get information about which interfaces are provided by which
> packages *not yet emerged* -- by their current use flags(?). This
> means that it must be possible to know, which interfaces are provided
> by packages, without first building it -- and the form given by binary
> check must be the same as the form of descriptor used by this package
> check.
> So, how to get correct provider together with correct client?

Ok, I agree with you that this would be the perfect solution, but it
would demand too much effort to have this right.

I'm not proposing the final-perfect solution, just something better
than we have now. It would not cover every case, but would cover most
cases in a satisfactory way.

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