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Assorted Bugs
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Andreas Hüttel has patch for repoman. It checks that a package does
not depend on anything in perl-core if it is not a virtual package.
This patch will be tested and merged by myself. The related bug is:

I have a set of patches that drastically alter the behaviour of
autounmask. These behavioural changes are accepted and will go into
portage after we make our next release. The related bug is:

It was agreed that having --ask prompting the user to read pending
news item is an acceptable degree of interactivity. The related bug
is: <https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=517310>.

News checking can be done when synching Portage. This will be worked
on after the portage-sync branch has been merged. The related bug is:

There were no objections to Joakim Tjernlund's fakeroot patches. I
will get in touch with Joakim and have him explain me the intricacies
of the patches and why they are necessary, etc. I will then test and
merge them. The related bug is:

Michał Gorny wants to make repoman only complain about direct
deprecated inherits. This was OK by everyone. There is no
corresponding bug.

New Release
- -----------
A new release will be made after I have tested and merged Andreas's
patch. I will tag the commit in git, Brian Dolbec will upload the
tarball and bump the ebuild.

repoman status
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The repoman kludge is being split into multiple small files with few
checks in each, and the check initialisation and other management left
in a big file still. This is the first round of refactoring -- Brian
thinks we will need three rounds. The second round will be
reorganising parts into a plugin system.

Minor patches (such as Andreas's) will be committed to both the
refactor branch (repoman), and to the current Portage HEAD. Major
patches will only be merged in the refactor branch.

Brian is not yet recovered from his surgery, so Tom Wijsman is
presently in charge of the refactor.

Dynamic dependencies
- --------------------
Dynamic dependencies will be turned off. Michał and myself (and I
encourage everyone else that has the time to join in) will rebuild
world without dynamic dependencies locally on our own work computers,
and try to live without them for a while as to stumble upon the
potential problems. We will continuously document how to fix whatever
mess arises. We might also write some tools to assist migration.

After a while of testing, an email will be sent to the developer's
mailing list to let them prepare to not being able to rely on dynamic
dependencies tricks. Then, pending some reasonable amount of time
(likely at least 30 days), we roll out a release with dynamic
dependencies disabled. This release will be accompanied by a NEWS item
for users and developers alike.

New member
- ----------
I finally trick^Wconvinced Michał to join. Welcome to the team!
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