On Tue, 2021-10-05 at 10:15 -0400, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
> On Tue, 2021-10-05 at 10:31 +0200, Michał Górny wrote:
> > Hi, everyone.
> > 
> > I've been thinking about this for some time already, and the recent
> > FILESDIR mess seems to confirm it: I'd like to start a more stable LTS
> > branch of Portage.
> > 
> I think this is healthy for most software projects, but two things
> stand out to me for portage specifically:
>   1. Most portage users can fake this already by telling portage to 
>      accept only stable keywords for sys-apps/portage. I know it's not 
>      exactly the same, but it provides many of the same benefits.

That's not going to be possible long-term when I start making more
changes ;-).

>   2. What happens to the LTS branch when the next EAPI is released?

I haven't really thought about it.  Are you suggesting that we could
bump 'master' Portage to newer EAPI earlier or...?

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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