On 5/16/22 10:37, Markus Walter wrote:
Hello all,

is it possible to do the following: after fetching a distfile portage runs
an external normaliser program specified in an ebuild before checking the

My use case is the following: I would like to improve the gs-elpa program
and provide a precomputed overlay for melpa. However the melpa distfiles are
rebuilt everyday and cause checksum failures. However the only thing
changing are the timestamps. Hence if a normaliser program could simply set
all timestamps to some predefined value (say 1.1.1970) then this problem
should vanish.

Thanks in advance


The only usable hook that we currently have for this is FETCHCOMMAND and RESUMCOMMAND in make.conf. You can replace them with a script that does the normal thing and then sets the timestamp. The default values are found in /usr/share/portage/config/make.globals.

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