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OK so I checked on my other machine. liblinbox.so should have been
linked to (c)blas and so should have matrix_modn_dense_float.so
independently. Because you didn’t get any complaints from ldd
on liblinbox.so I’ll assume that it was missing/not properly
detected when linbox was built. The way matrix_modn_dense_float.so
is built also suggest that cblas was missing when built.

What does
pkg-config —libs cblas
pkg-config —libs blas
pkg-config —libs lapack

$ pkg-config --libs cblas

$ pkg-config --libs blas

$ pkg-config --libs lapack
-lreflapack -lblas

Smells like a system using the main tree blas/lapack rather
than the science overlay. I may have to enforce something
there. Anyway those are very strange answers nonetheless.
I would expect "-lgslcblas" not "-lgsl". If you have
"-lreflapack" what blas are you using if not "refblas"?
So does /usr/lib64/libgslcblas.so exist on your system?
Is /usr/lib64/libblas.so a dangling symlink (point to nothing)?


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