quoth the Colin:
> Trouble is, this computer is just a pile of components sitting on the
> floor, and it's using my other monitor, which I really want back (since
> I've spoiled myself with dual monitors).  Compiling X and GNOME might
> give me a speed boost over the x86 binaries, but it's gonna take a long
> time on that old hardware, and I don't want to leave it exposed to
> myself, dust, falling water bottles, a cat and the countless objects I
> throw across the room into the garbage can.  Plus I'm impatient.

If you want your monitor back, boot the old machine with the live cd, and 
start the ssh server. Do the install from a ssh window on one of your newer 

Won't help with speed but you'll have your monitor back and you can cut and 
paste from the install guide...

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