OK, got Gentoo k-2.6.11-g-r4 installed & running from HD.
( And I *will* write a small how-to later if I can solve *this* bunch. )
Looks Nice! Powerful! :) 8D 8E) (smile with great, big, white, *donkey* teeth) But... .

Important now is ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 128MB AGP8x video card, and
Shuttle/nForce2-400-ultra-mcp mobo.
( Full hdw&c is at bottom in case someone wonders. )

I need *everything* on this video card to work. Everything. Period.
BUT!: TV-tuner-in & Vid-in & TV-Vid-out later; under Windows OK if must be. Later!
( But if someone already knows this **TOO**, *please* hop right in! )

It would take *Way* too much space to list everything I've tried so far... ... ... ... ..--> ( :( )

Tty's are still 80x25, & that's after a **LOT** of work. I really need this fixed too, but #1 is ::

Is there an Xorg / ATI-everything(else) driver available?
If not, is Xfree86 avail for the 2.6.11-gentoo-r4 kernel? (Since I know the ATI can be happy under Xfree86.)

**PLEASE** I need this solved; I'll keep reading & trying, but so far I am getting nowhere, **slowly**!

Thank you,
Robert G. Hays

------------- Hardware &c......: -------------

Shuttle AN35N 400 Ultra+MCP mobo w/nVidia nForce2 chip ~6 months old. Never gets over ~45c.

AMD XP 2700+, never gets over 51C, and that only once -- otherwise never over 47c.

NO over-/under- -clock/-voltage.

1GB Centon RAM, as 512+256+256. www.simmtester.com for 12 hours no errors, repeatedly.

Maxtor 30G hda. (Testing hd; will only work with 'real' 120G when all works RIGHT.)

ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video 128MB, AGP8

Sound Blaster Live! Value PCI

3Com '3c59x' NIC, PCI

( On-board Realtek sound & nic both turned off. )

All BIOS parms set for precisely what I have. Precisely.
Netgear RP114 (updated) router between nic & Westell modem to phone-co (bellsouth) DSL 1.5m/256k.
1) 512M dos
2) 200M linux boot
3) ~5.5G Win98/f32
4) (extended)
5) 1G unused Linux (all-in-one)
6) 15M hidden dos
7) 15M dos
8) ~1G f32
9) ~1G f32
10) 1G swap
11) linux /, to end of drive; 20G.
grub in 2).
Partitions & router are NOT negotiable!

I NEED correct ATI drivers to get *ALL* functionality avail on video card.
I NEED Win4Lin (for W98se under linux to solve native-mode issues).
I intend other things, but these two are NOT negotiable, or else I'll just have to keep running Wunnerful-Hic!-Winders98SE-HIC!!.

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