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Justin Patrin wrote:


1) 'startx' fails, and the Xorg log states that fglrx requires Xfree86,
thus why I think this; did I miss something? Or are there two versions
of fglrx....., one for each Xorg & Xfree86? Bottom line, do you happen to know the correct version for emerge's Xorg
on k-2.6.11-g-r4 or something near-by?

Well...I don't know what to tell you. I updated to the newest driver and it supported xorg. My computer is unfortunately down so I can't really tell you what version is installed (argh). It *does* support xorg, though. I *know* I was running xorg-x11.

I found more info, thus new things to try until I get it right (maybe I'm holding my mouth the wrong way?).
If it is there, I will find it, probably "with a little help from my friends"!

2) '-x86'; please specify where in what you mean; part of 'created
fixes' was stage3 from universalCD, and ended up building everything new
as -march=athlon-xp? Did I do a 'goofus, Rufus, you doofus' here?
Maybe I need to rebuild *everyting* (...human...)?

You never need to rebuild everything unless you goofed up your arch or cpu, in which case you're very likely to be screwed.

By ~x86 I meant did you try the unstable version of the ati driver? To
do this you need to add an entry in the /etc/portage/package.keywords
file (I think). Sorry, again my server is down so I don't have the
exact line. Check the portage usage manual pages for more.

I don't *think* I did that -- if I did, then the instruction need improving, badly!

< the config program...> Urgh!; Well, I can go looking, & if
so maybe I can find a way to deal with that, too...
Thank you for _that_ warning; I'll be prepared if I can ever get that far.'s a pain. But perhaps *I* was doing something wrong. ;-)

I doubt it, yours worked!

Thanks again!,

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