On April 5, 2005 02:47 pm, quoth Robert G. Hays:
> Problem is, I am about out of time, and do I really need to start a new
> learning curve?  Possibly, but I am now only fighting with X & maybe
> console-format; that last could wait if it had to.  But I might check U
> out if all else fails.
> Thanks,
> rgh.

A strategy I have found useful, if this helps, has been to fire up a Knoppix 
CD, let it autodetect and autoconfigure itself, and then save its /etc (and 
whatever else) to your hard drive.  Then, if you are having trouble 
configuring something (e.g. XF86Config|xorg.conf), you can borrow the Knoppix 

For example, I could never get the tools available on my previous SuSE 
installation to configure my rather ancient laser printer.  However Knoppix 
had no trouble doing so and I have been using the .ppd that Knoppix created 
ever since, including in my current Gentoo installation.

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