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Mediawiki also powers the following:

Two very big-name sites! I haven't done any wiki editing or dev before -
not ever having had the urge. At the moment the intranet is in
pseudo-html (basically ie-only, with lots of doze file links, etc), and
is about as standardised as apple pie. The problem is that there are
only a few of us (basically the IT dept) that are brave enough to code
the html (and I am the only one who even tries to make it valid), so no
one else changes anything. All the others write word files, and then
just put them in known directories.
Basically we have to have a wisiwig environment for there to be any
interest. Even minimal tags will be too much for some of the
long-toothers in the company. I had a quick look at wikiwig, which looks
pretty much like it fits the bill. Has anyone used it seriously?
Maintained it? I just might be able to get Gentoo on one of our servers
if I can get a really polished wisiwig interface that won't crash every
ten minutes... having locking is also (now I think about it) going to be
necessary (almost got subversion for the intranet, but the lack of
locking was not a plus... I know you can do it with cvs but anyway).
Thanks for the suggestions so far
Plone/Zope, while a CMS instead of a wiki, does have a WYSIWYG editor (two, actually). You might have to disable some of the features, but the software's reasonably powerful and flexible. The one real problem with the WYSIWYG editor is that it requires a component in the browser - a component only present in Gecko (aka Mozilla) and MSIE. If the browser doesn't have the component, happy HTMLing.

www-zope has all the Zope software from that is in the Gentoo repository.


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