On 11:57 Wed 24 Aug     , Daniel da Veiga wrote:
> You know bud, read some rules, be polite.
> "If you have nothing good to say, say NOTHING!".
> Do you really THINK before replying? Have you added something to the
> question? Care more about WHAT people write than WHERE is it written,
> you'll be more happy. Comments like yours are good for old usenet
> users, and pointless today.

I told him how to stop top posting though. I also told him that some of
the information he had given was incorrect. I was just dumbfounded by
his stupidity, sorry.

> To the point, I never really had to read long descs provided at the
> website to have a good glance on what the program is, the fact that
> the desc showed in emerge -s is short doesn't make it less clear, in
> fact, it has all that matters. People searching with emerge usually
> KNOW what they're looking for.

Some of them are better/clearer/more informative than others, but I
guess that that's a separate issue.

> On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to have a long description of the
> app somewhere available offline (like the universal CD, for example).
> I'm pretty sure they can use the same system of the website to provide
> this offline (but is it worth the trouble?).

The ones that are available are available 'offline' (i.e. in the portage
tree), as stated earlier in this thread. 


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