On Wednesday 24 August 2005 23:14, Anthony E. Caudel wrote:

> As a matter of curiosity, why is top posting considered bad form.  I'm
> using Thunderbird and when it views the mail, by default it is at the
> top.  With bottom posting, I have to scroll down to view the post.

because, if you quote, then there is context. If you bottom-quote, I have to 
scroll down, read the quoted part, scroll up to read your message. Than, 
scroll down again, if something is hidden below your quoted block.

You see how moronic that is?

If you see a written question, do you write your aswer above?

plus: the majority considers this as bad, that should be enough to quit it 
without making a fuss. Or you annoy the majority of potential helpfull users, 
even before they read your complete message.
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