Douglas J Hunley wrote:
> Do you really need to copy the files into the kernel tree?

No, you don't need to do that.

> which seems to pull in the daemon and the kmod so wouldn't the zfs-kmod
> ebuild build against the current kernel and drop in the modules
> directory all by itself much like any of the 100s of FUSE modules do?

Yes, it's enough to simply emerge the packages, and "modprobe zfs" (and
later add "zfs" to /etc/conf.d/modules). Works fine here.

(Not sure what FUSE has to do with it, though. FUSE filesystems don't
install any kernel modules.)

Just ignore the section "Installing into the kernel directory (for
static installs)" on that page, unless you have a very special install
(but then, you probably wouldn't have to ask here).

-- Remy

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