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> > > With some manual operations:
> > >
> > > Capture the output of emerge -vp ....
> > > Edit it to call
> > > ebuild <full patch to <package>.ebuild> fetch
> > > for each package.
> > >
> > > Then issue emerge without -p
> >
> >
> > Way too complicated.
> >
> > emerge -pvuND world
> >
> > check list, ensure everything is OK, etc etc. Then
> >
> > emerge -vunDf world
> > emerge -vuND world
> > […]
> >
> Hi,
> thanks for your replies...
> ...I currently do two emerges, one with -f the second
> without.
> And as merntioned in my initiao mail, I dont want it, since it implies
> two "Calculating dependencies" which is once too often...
> This was the initial reason for asking...

Well, when I run into this (my old netbook needs over 15 minutes for the
dependency calculations of a deep world update), I do -avuD world. Once the
output is shown, portage will wait for me to answer 'yes'.

Then I go to another terminal where I run emerge -f with the -O option,
because now I know which packages to fetch, thus eliminating the need for a
second dependency calculation. If the list of packages is small, I just type
the names by hand. If the list is larger, I usually prepare a list in vim
that I can paste to the emerge command.

Say you have output from emerge like so (my situation right now):

[ebuild     U  ] media-fonts/dejavu-2.34 [2.33] USE="X -fontforge" 4.597 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/tinyxml2-2.2.0:0/2 [1.0.9_p20121123:0/0] 
USE="-static-libs {-test}" 445 KiB
[ebuild  rR    ] kde-base/libkexiv2-4.14.3:4/4.14  USE="xmp (-aqua) -debug" 0 

Copy-paste that into a file 'emerge.out'. If you run screen/tmux, that’s
easily done even on a mouse-less terminal. Then use the following
sed-oneliner on it which I just conjured up:

sed -e '/ 0 KiB$/d' -e 's/.\{17\}/=/' -e 's/ .*//'

It first removes all lines ending in " 0 KiB" (meaning no download
necessary) and then removes everything around the package name and version,

[ebuild     U  ] media-fonts/dejavu-2.34 [2.33] USE="X -fontforge" 4.597 KiB



Finally, feed that to emerge -fO:

emerge -fO $(sed -e '/ 0 KiB$/d' -e 's/.\{17\}/=/' -e 's/ .*//' < emerge.out)

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