On Thursday, September 15, 2016 08:36:20 PM Dan Johansson wrote:
> After upgrading to Plasma (KDE5) I have a problem with my dual monitor
> setup.
> When I start/restart a new session both monitors are "displayed" "on
> top" of each other (see Screenshot_20160915_201441.png). After
> "dragging" DVI-I-1 to the right of DVI-D-0 in SystemSettings (see
> Screenshot_20160915_201601.png) everything looks OK.
> Any suggestions why this is happening (some file-permission some where?)
> and where to search for a solution?
> Regards,

Quick guess, you are running "stable" kde plasma (5.6.5)?
There is a bug there that is fixed in later versions.

I am using 5.7.4 and haven't seen that issue anymore.


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