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schrieb Grant <>:

> A while back I was having networking issues.  I eventually tried
> drastically lowering the MTU of all the systems onsite and the issues
> disappeared.  I always thought the issue was due to the MTU on our
> modem/router.  Today I read that AT&T DSL requires a 1492 MTU so I
> increased the MTU of our systems up to 1492 and haven't had any
> issues.  Do certain ISPs require you to change the MTU of your entire
> network, or is this likely due to our AT&T modem/router itself?

Are you using tunnels or a firewall that blocks related "icmp
fragmentation needed" packets?

Please also try to find out if you're experiencing packet loss. If
fragmented packets cannot be reassembled due to some packets lost, you
will probably find connections freezing or going really slow.


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