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schrieb Grant <>:

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> >> I'm seeing the issue again as usual but ping response times come
> >> back normal at about 50ms.  I'll keep trying.  
> >
> > Not sure if this came after or before switching your router to modem
> > mode... But if it happened before and is solved now, your router
> > really doesn't well with icmp packets or has problems with mss
> > clamping / pmtu.  
> I did not try pinging before switching the device from router to
> modem.
> BTW, I read that setting CLAMPMSS=Yes in shorewall.conf is a necessity
> when using PPPoE but my connection is working fine without that
> setting.  Should I set it anyway?

If pmtu discovery is working correctly, this is - in theory - not
needed. It violates the protocol guarantees anyway. But it reduces
packet fragmentation with encapsulation protocols like pppoe (because
pppoe reserves some extra bytes of headers which reduces your amount of
payload per packet).


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