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schrieb Peter Humphrey <>:

> On Wednesday 21 Sep 2016 06:08:38 Kai Krakow wrote:
> > I upgraded xorg to 1.18 and during that process also enabled
> > USE=wayland. However, I don't run a wayland session (this actually
> > doesn't seem to work with nvidia). I use sddm as the login manager,
> > and I'm running latest plasma 5.7. The system is booted with
> > systemd.
> > 
> > I just came accross the following phenomenon: Hitting Alt+F2 should
> > bring up krunner but instead now it switches to console 2. This was
> > previously only possible with Ctrl+Alt+F2.  
> I'm on xorg 1.18.4 and plasma-meta 5.7.5 but no wayland, and Alt-F2
> works as it should. No systemd here though.
> Sorry I can't help, other than suggesting the keyboard shortcuts
> control panel, which I'm sure you'll already have checked.

I found that I should put "-keeptty" to the startup options of xorg in
sddm.conf (by looking at Xorg.0.log). It looks like this was changed by
either Gentoo or Xorg/SDDM/Plasma maintainers due to an incompatibility
to systems not using systemd.

After reboot it worked as intended.

With this option enabled on non-systemd systems, this leaves you with
an unusable box in case Xorg doesn't start because the tty will
then be blocked - leaving you with only the options: hard-reboot or
ssh into the box.


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