Am Thu, 22 Sep 2016 16:27:25 +0100
schrieb Peter Humphrey <>:

> On Thursday 22 Sep 2016 16:05:02 I wrote:
> > I'm glad you mentioned Xorg.0.log; it prompted me to look at mine,
> > and I found I didn't have an fbdev driver. I found I needed to add
> > USE=evdev to dev-qt/qtgui and remerge qtgui.
> --->8
> > I think this should fix the flickering display I mentioned a few
> > days ago. Have to wait and see.  
> Nope. It hasn't.

For me neither:

Alt+Fn still switches to the console... But only after running the
system for some hours. Not sure what triggers it. Energy saving mode is
currently off. So that's not the trigger.

If I boot freshly, the shortcut works as intended and brings up

When the bug triggered and I switch back from console, I apparently
also see flickering sometimes at the left side with some oddly shaped
vectors inside. Plus some window contents are simply black (only title
bar visible). It stops after a few seconds.


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