>> I haven't mentioned it yet, but several times I've seen the website
>> perform fine all day until I browse to it myself and then all of a
>> sudden it's super slow for me and my third-party monitor.  WTF???
> I had a similar problems once when routing through a IPsec VPN tunnnel.
> I needed to reduce MTU in front of the tunnel to make it work
> correctly. But I think your problem is different.

I'm not using IPsec or a VPN.

> Does the http server backlog on the other side? Do you have performance
> graphs for other parts of the system to see them in relation? Maybe
> some router on the path doesn't work as expected.

I've attached a graph of http response time, CPU usage, and TCP
queueing over the past week.  It seems clear from watching top, iotop,
and free than my CPU is always the bottleneck on my server.

- Grant

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