from the net-misc/netifrc package reads:

# Bridging (802.1d)
# For bridging support emerge net-misc/bridge-utils

# To add ports to bridge br0
#bridge_br0="eth0 eth1"
et cetera

How is this done with the bridge utility from iproute2 package is not very
clear to a non-expert. It sure is all completely different than with brctl.

Reminds me of how lots of people still prefer iptables over netfilter,
because there are good reason to do so.

It this a similar case?

While managing ones' ethernet interfaces, esp. the link and address of,
surely iproute2 package is superior than net-tools suite (expecially
the ip is superior than the ifconfig), and I mostly switched to the
better iproute2 replacements for net-tools suite, as per:


-- also notice that bridge in not in the swappers there --

The net-tools vs. iproute2 question is solved for me in that respect.

However I can much more easily use the brctl from: 

(and indeed, https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Network_bridge still suggests so)
than the bridge from Iproute2 package.

Stick to bridge-utils or try the bridge from Iproute2?

And if the latter, any suggestions of a more detailed and more complete
and more user friendly tutorials?

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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