When I use amarok to open a file manager, konqueror is called instead
of dolphin.  In KDE5's System Settings, dolphin is set as the default
file manager, as it was once upon a time in KDE4's System Settings.

I expect (and of course ICBW) the problem is that somehow my KDE4
settings got clobbered or otherwise screwed up and that amarok is
looking to KDE4 settings.  I no longer have KDE4's System Settings UI
and grepping through ~/.kde4/* for about 30 minutes has not enlightened
me any.  I also grepped though ~/.config/* , where the KDE5 settings
live, in hope that I might find something analogous to what I need to
do for KDE4, but found nothing useful.  (I grepped for 'dolphin',
'konqueror', 'fileman', and 'default' and will be happy to post results
if anyone thinks that might help.)

Searching the web for help has only turned up instructions for using
System Settings to change the default.

Any suggestions about where/what to search on my machine or the web are
welcome.  Of course, if you've got a handy recipe to post to fix my
issue, that's even more welcome. :)

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