Am Wed, 30 Nov 2016 07:55:11 +0100

> I checked the current bandwidth (07:48 am local time) with this
> and got:
>       2,1 Mbps download
>       0,1 Mbps upload
>     58 ms latency (ping test)

I got 184.19 Mbps down / 11.94 Mbps up while streaming YT, ping is 34
ms, according to the same test. Steam games download at 24 MByte/s. This
line is very capable but even with the lowest contract from Vodafone,
your line speed is way too low...

> There is no other kind of task which consumes bandwidth
> (while checking the above or while streaming videos)
> Another (real odd) possibillitu would be: Someone has
> hijacked my DSL modem (its no router) - its an older
> Fritz! box.

I wouldn't deny this. I've seen v5 firmware Fritzboxes lately which
seem to have been hijacked on customer sites. The effect was that a
firmware upgrade fails (red led only after flashing the upgrade) and
before the upgrade, connections to mail servers through wifi behaved
different than connections to the same servers did through copper

Plus, older boxes are very low on CPU and won't take much more than
30-80 Mbps probably. This can totally break your streaming experience
even if your throughput could do better.

If you're on DSL (not cable as I am), try to swap the box for another
one from a friend and see if it works better. If yes, either get a new
box (which supports current firmwares), or backup your config, use the
recovery tool to reset the firmware to pristine state, and restore the
config. Cable boxes are actually not that easy to swap due to
certificate locking.


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