On Saturday 12 Aug 2017 20:49:48 Robin Atwood wrote:
> I have a Thinkpad T410 where, after I installed Gentoo on it, everything
> "just worked (TM)". The sound is via the bog-standard Intel chips on the
> mobo and uses the hda_intel drivers. I didn't use the TP for a long time,
> just periodically updating Gentoo, but when I eventually did try to use it
> the sound was muted. This means I shut down the X server to remove
> complications from the desktop and from the console aplay doesn't produce
> any sound. Everything looks normal, driver modules loaded, alsamixer shows
> the usual output, channels all active. I booted to a windows partition and
> the sound works, so the hardware is OK. The very weird thing is if I put
> the TP to sleep with acpitool and wake it up again, the sound works for
> about 60 seconds and then dies. There is nothing in the message log at all
> when this happens. I upgraded the kernel but that didn't help.
> This problem has been dragging on for some years and I am contemplating a
> complete re-install from scratch. But before I do that does anyone have any
> idea what I could try?
> Robin

Which device does alsamixer or pulseaudio show as being active?  I found on 
some PCs that HDMI is now set as the default audio device and I had to change 
the configuration to make analogue sound devices active again.

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