On 2017-08-12 17:39, Alexander Kapshuk wrote:

> (5). Postinst message for alsa-utils:
> pkg_postinst() {
> if [[ -z ${REPLACING_VERSIONS} ]]; then
> elog
> elog "To take advantage of the init script, and automate the process of"
> elog "saving and restoring sound-card mixer levels you should"
> elog "add alsasound to the boot runlevel. You can do this as"
> elog "root like so:"
> elog "# rc-update add alsasound boot"
> ewarn
> ewarn "The ALSA core should be built into the kernel or loaded through other"
> ewarn "means. There is no longer any modular auto(un)loading in alsa-utils."

I don't get this last part.

My ALSA is built as modules, including the core (I'm guessing that means
snd.ko, right?).  I don't do anything particular to load them, they're
not listed in /etc/conf.d/modules.  Yet the mixer save and restore via
alsasound works.

Could it be that alsasound itself loads the modules on demand, and the
warning above is misleading?

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