2018-02-09 3:24 GMT+02:00 Dale <rdalek1...@gmail.com>:
> In my experience, once swap starts getting used, it gets slow, sometimes
> to the point that a response may take several seconds or more.  When I
> compile without tmpfs at all, which means everything is on disk, it's
> rare that I can even tell it is using that IO for the drive.

Thank you for the information. It is always good to know the downside
of your decision. In this case, of using the swap.

So far, I never saw my swap busy, even when running VirtualBox with
half of my RAM assigned to it.

> The catch is, take advice from different folks and weigh all the
> options, then test things to see what works best.  It may be that one
> part of your post helps, another part from mine, another part from
> someone else and in the end, it leaves settings that work.  Well, on
> that system and for that person at least.  ;-)

Yes. I am greatfull to all who wrote to this thread. :)

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