2018-02-09 3:50 GMT+02:00 Dale <rdalek1...@gmail.com>:
> gevisz wrote:
>> You probably will be surprised, but the main reason I am trying to use
>> tmpfs for /var/tmp/ is not because I want to make emerging chromium
>> faster (I have no hope about that because read somewhere that it will
>> make compilation only 10 percent faster) but because I have not too
>> much free space on / (sometimes in the past chromium refused to build
>> in the similar conditions) and because of that either have to move /var/tmp
>> to the separate partition anyway or try to use tmpfs + swap and, if it fails,
>> to move to the separate partition only /var/tmp/portage/notmpfs
> I think you can tell emerge/portage to build that specific program on
> another disk.  You just have to tell it where, sort of the same way you
> tell it to build on disk instead of tmpfs.  I've never done it but it
> should work the same way.  Just make sure the permissions are right.
> My thinking.  Let's say you have chromium that won't fit on the usual
> disk.  Tell emerge/portage to build chromium in another directory that
> is on another disk.
> /etc/portage/env/largedisk.conf
> PORTAGE_TMPDIR="/var/tmp/largedisk"
> /etc/portage/package.env/package.env
> www-client/chromium  ../env/largedisk.conf
> Once you have those files set up to work, then make sure you have your
> large disk mounted at /var/tmp/largedisk and I would think it would
> work.  Anytime you emerge chromium, it should do that in
> /var/tmp/largedisk.  Only question is, do you have another disk to try
> this on???

Yes. I still have an unused 4th primary partition on the same hard disk.
I am going to make it extended and create 3 more partitions on it:
one — for /var/tmp/notmfs, another — for /var/log and the 3rd one —
for some unpredictable purposes like installing a rescue system.
Still have not decided on their size, file system and mount options
but it would be another question in a separate thread, when I come to it.

I am currently building a new and shiny :) Gentoo system on the
1st primery partion of this disk, that actually contained old /var/tmp,
because I am a bit afraid to update my old and still working Gentoo
system on the same hard disk that I have not updated for about 9 months.

Moreover, I have changed profile from not used for a long time
one to
and already found out a lot of not wise solutions like alsa + pulseaudio
with initrc and the likes that I currently trying to avoid.

> Anyone think that wouldn't work???  Basically, you are just telling
> emerge/portage to build somewhere else and it shouldn't care where that
> is, tmpfs or disk.  Right?

It is exactly what suggested in the "Per-package choices at compile time"
section of the "Portage TMPDIR on tmpfs” Gentoo wiki. So it should work. :)

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