No, i don't mean Nick, he gave a correct and honest analyses.  I mean people 
who lie and obfuscate on behalf of their' employer and encourage people to use 
products they know are grossly defective, people who think comingling code and 
data is acceptable practice, mostly because it makes their' life easier and 
produces support instances. 
specifically the poster who tried to say the jit option was more secure based 
on wholly specious reasoning.

The type of people who are acting in gross violation of the very agreements 
that allowed corporations to profit and are now trying to un-oss linux.  Bsd is 
worse, as any one who's bothered to read the license agreement would know.  
hopefully many of the kernel dev's know better and have some ethics which are 
becoming very, very scarce indeed.
yeah, i've loved computers since the 70's, and i'm sick of how corporate 
amerika is futsing with it, all for $ and the hell with what it does to 
society, computers, and privacy/security on the internet.

It's past time for schools to teach "critical thinking" skills which no one 
seems to posses anymore.  It's long past due that we hold despots and corporate 
america accountable.  If corporations are "people", why are they never put into 
prison for their' crimes? (a good madscientist)
God bless the rich, the greedy and the corrupt politicians they have put into 
office.   God bless them for helping me do the right thing by giving the rich 
my little pile of cash.  After all, the rich know what to do with money.

13. Feb 2018 15:24 by

> On 2018-02-13 22:50, >>  wrote:
>> seriously, can we try to keep these corporate schills the hell off the
>> list?
> I guess you mean the core kernel devs, who after all wrote the page
> quoted by Nick?
> If you feel that way maybe switch to a BSD kernel?
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