Daniel Frey wrote:
> On 03/01/18 23:33, zlg wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 01:22:57PM -0600, Dale wrote:
>>> P. S.  On the rare occasion I want to add something to the world file, I
>>> either do it directly or use --select y to override the -1 in
>>> make.conf.  That helps keep the world file from getting cluttered up to
>>> no end with things that shouldn't be there.
>> I recently took --oneshot out of EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS due to failing to
>> find --select y; now I can add it back in. Thanks for the tip!
>> ~zlg
> I've always used --noreplace or -n for that purpose.
> Dan

The reason I have been using --select y is this:

      --select [ y | n ] (-w short option)
              Add specified packages to the world set (inverse of
--oneshot). This is useful if you want to use EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS to
make --oneshot behavior default.

If I've already installed the package and don't want to rebuild it
again, I add -n to the line.  I never tried just -n because it doesn't
mention adding anything to the world file only that it doesn't build the

       --noreplace (-n)
              Skips the packages specified on the command-line that have
already been installed.  Without this option, any package atoms or
package sets  you  specify  on
              the  command-line  will  cause Portage to remerge the
package, even if it is already installed.  Note that Portage will not
remerge dependencies by default.
              This option can be used to update the world file without
rebuilding the packages.

For the way I do packages, I guess my way works better.  Sometimes I
install something, play with it a while and then decide whether to keep
it or not or let --depclean remove it and it's friends. 


:-)  :-) 

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